This site is now hosted on infrastructure provided by k-space, a friendly hackerspace in Tallinn, Estonia.

If you’ve been reading any of my previous posts, you might be wondering why I made that move, especially since I was quite proud of hosting my website over a residential connection.

Long story short:

  • I’m unhappy with the pricing provided by my ISP so I picked the cheapest option that has somewhat bearable speeds (50/10 Mbps)
  • the alternative ISP would require me to hire someone to run a cable over multiple stories out of my own pocket
  • I have this VM running in k-space that has access to fabulous amounts of bandwidth

This box is also doing other things that can be bandwidth-intensive at times.

Oh, and we have ipv6 now! You’ll have to let me know if that actually works, since I can’t really test it on an ipv4 network.

That’s it for now!