They make USB-C cables with displays now!

How to turn something as ordinary as an USB-C cable into something that a lot of nerds will want to buy.

OpenWRT, ISP modem and dynamic IP addresses: how to fix connectivity issues without rebooting your router every time

The solution proposed might be a bit specific for my particular setup, but hopefully useful to someone out there.

The hidden media play/pause/stop keys on the Lenovo ThinkPad L390 Yoga

How a few accidental key presses revealed the presence of media playback control keys on my ThinkPad L390 Yoga.

The simplicity of the modulo operator: how I scaled an inefficient solution on a legacy system

Sometimes the best solution is the one that works well enough and can be cranked out quickly.

Anything’s a portable speaker if you’re brave enough

All about that time I converted a JBL soundbar into a portable speaker

About the time I used Google Drive as a CMS for a web app

A short story about using a popular tool in ways that you might not have thought of.

Overcoming hardware limitations: the time-to-sleep script

Sometimes the least technical solutions end up being the ones that I’m the most proud of. This is probably one of them.

Strangling your service with a Kubernetes misconfiguration

Short story about a fun and simple way to shoot yourself in the foot, Kubernetes style.

How I treat my urge to hoard data

Something is better than nothing.

Tech tip: eliminate HDD humming noise

Silence your hard drives with this one weird trick! System administrators hate him!

Database optimization adventures on low-end hardware

Who would have thought that performing basic database optimizations could be fun?

Things I’ve learned during my self-hosting adventure

$HOME wasn’t built in a day.

How to fix ZFS pool not importing at boot

You have probably tried Stack Exchange and reddit at this point, so what do you have to lose?