ThinkPad as a server: the follow-up

The ThinkPad as a server is back, this time with a couple of adjustments.

What changing the CPU on a laptop looks like

Quick demonstration of a CPU replacement in a ThinkPad T430.

Disabling the crappy Broadcom Bluetooth adapter in your ThinkPad T430 running Linux

If you have ever felt frustated with the Bluetooth experience that your ThinkPad T430 offers you, especially after upgrading the WiFi adapter to one that also has Bluetooth capabilities, then this article might help you out.

Can a laptop from 2012 be a viable home server?

I took a spare ThinkPad T430 and put all my home server workloads on it. Here’s how it went.

Why I went back to using a ThinkPad from 2012

How trying out new laptops and messing with my personal computing setup motivated me to go back to a laptop that some would call ancient.